CLC is an educational preschool established in July 2004 and inspired by the Reggio Approach.

CLC is dedicated to help form the character of the next generation, as well as aiding them with the tools of being independent learners.

Focusing on early literacy is a number one priority. This is carried out through one-to-one daily reading sessions, in a fun and proactive way that the children enjoy. The result of this is apparent when our children are off to school and their level exceeds their age grade-level.

An asset of CLC that we take great pride in is the psychological well-being of the children. This is done in a number of ways, one of which is conducting periodical teachers training and parenting workshops under the guidance of Dr. Mona Youssri (Child Psychiatrist, Family Counselor and CLC Founder). In addition to such trainings, a department of resident psychologists and behavior coaches is available at all times, welcoming newcomers, easing their start with us, and also dealing with specific behavioral issues that might appear in some children as well as providing child counseling to parents and teachers whenever needed.

 In CLC, we are proud to be part of a very important phase of the children’s life as we believe that the first five years of a child’s life are the years that form the child’s personality (the crucial early years). We believe that every child is really capable, able to handle responsibility, has unlimited potential and is the constructor of his own experience.

We respect every child’s rights. We believe that the rights of the child include the right to be recognized and acknowledged, the right to build up his own learning and not to be given information by others and the right to learn in a way in which participation becomes a strategy for learning.

Listening to the child is always a priority in our learning process. We believe that no child is bad or naughty. This child is only out of the care giver’s control. We truly believe that children listen to their parents when parents learn how to listen to their children.