Parenting and Child Psychology

A very significant asset of CLC is that we take great pride in is the psychological well-being of children. This is done in a number of ways, one of which is conducting periodical staff training and parenting workshops under the guidance of Dr. Mona Youssri (Child Psychiatrist, Family Counselor and CLC Founder). In addition to such trainings, a department of resident psychologists and behavior coaches is available at all times, welcoming newcomers, easing their start with us "New Comers Strategy”.

More Child-Psychology related services available at CLC are;  dealing with specific behavioral issues that might appear in some children as well as providing child counseling to parents and teachers whenever needed, parenting workshops, play therapy and play assessments, early intervention, speech therapy, family and child counseling, observations, behavior reports and behavior modification.


New Comers Strategy

At CLC, we follow a strict child psychology based strategy with new comers. This strategy implies a short visits system where the child starts coming to CLC for short visits with the parent. Under the supervision of the class psychologist, the short visit time is gradually extended followed by a gradual separation of the child from the parent. The process is a gradual monitored separation of the child from the parent to ensure the child’s psychological well-being during the child’s transfer from home to the nursery or from another nursery to CLC.


Parenting Workshops

Dr. Mona Youssri holds periodical parenting workshops for CLCian and external parents to spread parenting and child psychology based awareness among Egyptian parents regarding several topics like: Anger Management for Families, Family Happiness, How to Choose a School for your Child, Starting School with a Smile, Our Children in the Summer, Potty Training, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, The Summer Slide, Early Literacy…etc.


Parenting Articles

Several parenting articles written by Dr. Mona Youssri are always made available in CLC in addition to several magazines and CLC’s & Dr. Mona’s website. Examples: How Do I habituate my child to go to preschool, Anger Management for Parents, Raising a Human, Montessori Reflections, Getting Ready for the School Interview, Our Children through the Revolution, Starting School, Preschool or at home with Mom?.

To read the full articles, go to:


Play Therapy and Play Assessments

Play Therapy was proven to be an extremely efficient method for solving and avoiding childhood behavioral and psychological problems. Also, play has a magical effect on maintaining human balance and happiness. Psychologists have recently proved the strong relationship between play and the child’s early literacy, social intelligence and his ability to communicate efficiently.

CLC’s psychology department provides play assessments whenever needed. Also, psychologists at CLC frequently use play sessions to detect and correct several problems and misbehaviors observed in the children.

Also, an important role of the psychology department is to coach moms and dads how to play with their children through practical guidance and they also coach teachers on how they should solve their students’ common misbehaviors simply through play.


Speech Therapy

The psychology department at CLC provides speech sessions whenever required.


Child & Family Counseling

CLC’s psychology department under the supervision of Dr. Mona Youssri provides psychological counseling to the parents whenever required and asked for by the parents themselves or whenever a problem has been noticed by the psychologists or teachers regarding a child.



A main task of the psychologists at CLC is doing continuous observations of the children during their stay in CLC. The objective of the observations is noticing any behavioral or developmental child problems in addition to making sure that the teachers are following CLC’s system appropriately.


Behavior Reports

CLC’s Psychology department readily provides professional observations based child’s behavior report whenever asked for with the help of the class teachers.


Behavior Modification

The psychology department at CLC has shown continuous success in detecting, handling and correcting behavioral problems noticed in preschool and school age children. This is done with the help of a team of behavior coaches under the supervision of a Head of behavior coaches. The methods used in CLC have succeeded in modifying the behavior of many children before going to school thus protecting these children from lifelong labeling and psychological abuse.


Early Intervention

CLC’s Psychology Department has successfully achieved remarkable results by early intervention with children suffering from several degrees of autism, Down’s syndrome, ADHD and others. Many of these children were able to join normal schools after their graduation from CLC.


TV Interviews

Dr. Mona Youssri has been a guest at several TV shows discussing parenting. Most of the TV interviews are available here> 


CLC Family Support Series


"At a time when children are losing interest in books, and getting over attached to electronic gadgets. At a time when the only model you can find for your children is a non- existent superhero with a funny costume and who is being violent and praised for it. Even the cartoons that are available for your child at kid’s only channels are too violent, useless or even non-ethical.

I decided to put years of experience on working with children both as a teacher and a child psychiatrist into a series of story books that can guide every mom and dad along their parenting route". Dr. Mona Youssri

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