Mothers and Fathers in Egypt and all around the world,

My name is Mona Youssri, I am a child psychiatrist graduated from Kasr El Aeiny Medical School. I worked as a teacher since I was sixteen years old which gave me a lot of practical experience. During my work as a teacher I discovered that there is a lot of ignorance concerning how to treat children in an appropriate way, how to manage their behavior and actually no signs of planning how to raise children with good character. This observation and conclusion made me decide to specialize in child psychology, teacher training and family counseling.

I researched and planned to open a nursery and preschool with a curriculum based on child psychology. I found the Reggio-Emilia Approach and used it as an inspiration to create our own curriculum (The CLC Approach) based according to culture.

I have a dream and a mission to improve the quality of teaching in Egypt and all the Arab countries which will definitely lead to successful and psychologically stable generations of children. My vision even extends to raising a future international leader who could achieve the long lost world peace. It seems a lot to wish for out of preschoolers but I truly believe that the first 5 years are the pillars of the personality that’s why they are called "The crucial Early Years".

Ongoing teacher training and parents workshops ensure that the parents and teachers are on the same track and are moving towards the same goal concerning the child.

The CLC (creative learning center) curriculum is also based on early literacy stimulation through various activities and motivation. Our reading program achieved an unpreceded result of enabling preschoolers to read full sentences before KG1.

The CLCian child graduates with supreme academic standards, a well-balanced personality and excellent skills.

This name (CLCian) came from a KG teacher interviewing CLC graduates for school, when she noticed the difference in skills and came up spontaneously with this nomination which we are proud to use since then.

All the CLC team works with the same intention and towards the same goal of child development.

Raising children is a joyful but challenging mission which needs education, patience and support.

CLC is happy to be your support factor to guide and enable you as a parent.

Best wishes.

Dr. Mona Youssri
Child Psychiatrist, Family Counselor and CLC Founder