CLC Services

CLC is much more than just a preschool.

Because CLCians graduate from CLC with significantly high academic levels that exceed the usual level of their peers of the same age group by 2 to 3 years, CLC came up with some services that include daily one to one reading sessions for school age children to maintain their high academic level that they have achieved in CLC and which was way higher than that they study at their schools and even proceed to higher levels thus being always the best throughout their academic lives.

These services include, but are not limited to, the summer and winter camps, the saturdays reading program and the after school service.


Online one-to-one reading sessions

An opportunity for CLCians and Non CLCians all over the world ! CLC is providing 1:1 reading sessions ONLINE. This will ensure your child learning their phonetics appropriately and maybe within a few months starting to read.
LIMITED NUMBER! call 01023370306-01006660829 or apply now.


Online psychology counseling

For information, call 01023370306-01006660829


Online speech sessions

For information, call 01023370306-01006660829


Mock School Interview

Mock School Interview is a demo interview that we do for the children going to schools to give them a chance to experience what a school interview is like before the time of the real one.

In CLC, we are already covering a wide range of skills that are being tested in schools admission assessments. Every school is different of course in the way they assess. Some schools focus only on skills and knowledge of the age related topics, such as the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc… Other schools focus on conversational fluency. Most CLCians do well in these interviews. However, some children take a while during the interview itself to let loose and start speaking. This however is the job of the interviewer, to make the child comfortable.

We want our children to be prepared for these assessments, not simply by knowing such things as the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc… but by also preparing them for the actual process of an interview.

Our Mock Interview covers Socio Emotional development, colors, shapes, numeracy Skills, Understanding same and Different, Size Identification, Literacy Skills, beginning writing skills, problem solving & logical reasoning.

Children are taken out one by one from the class, and are assessed in another room with a teacher they are not familiar with.



Saturdays Reading Program

This program is provided for school children ranging from ages 4yrs – 12 yrs of age. The main goal of the program is to improve the children's reading level through our 1:1 Reading Sessions, as well as their academic level as a whole. And it has proven to be very successful. Many children have improved drastically at school because of these additional sessions.



Summer Camp

This program takes place during the summer vacation for school age children. The Program includes general knowledge, creative writing, expressive art, atelier sessions, dramatic play, art, character education, mini chef contests, smart board sessions, fun at the Pool area, field Trips, 1:1 reading sessions and much more.


Winter Camp

Every year, CLC has a mid-year program for children 4 years of age and above who are on vacation form school. This program involves a day of creativity, learning through play, 1:1 reading sessions, general knowledge, social skills, cooking, music, expressive art and much more.



Parents’ Night Out

Realizing the pressures and stresses of the daily routine and how Mothers and Fathers have no opportunity to go out together, CLC holds this special service to give parents some time off from their children to spend some quality time together.

Parents are allowed to drop in their children at CLC from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. to enjoy activities, light dinner and some fun play with their friends while their parents enjoy a relaxing evening.



Late Hours and After School Services

The Late Hours Service is an extra service that is available ONLY for CLCians whose mothers’ working hours extend past the children’s pickup time.

The After School Service has been implemented upon the request of the parents of CLC graduates where CLC provides this service where children come to CLC every day after their day at school. The children spend a nice time doing various activities with their friends, finishing most of their home works in addition to having daily 1:1 reading sessions to sustain their advanced reading levels that they achieved in CLC while they do not get the individual reading chance in their schools.



Books Borrowing Program

To encourage reading at home, every CLCian has the chance to borrow an age appropriate book every week to read at home with his parents. Upon returning the borrowed book another book is sent home with him/her. All the books borrowed and returned are recorded in the child’s reading log.